Parts suppliers around the UK

Below is a few suppliers to try when trying to source that difficult to find part. Mail order is not a problem. Don't forget to try the owners clubs first, there wont be many things they wont have, also worth a try could be you local main Ford dealer, you will be amazed what they may have still lying around.

Speedy Spares Services Ltd 

Sussex. Tel 01273 412764 

An impressive selection of mechanical parts for your Early Ford.

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Lotus Cortina Spares Center,


Somerset Tel 01460 73775

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Many mechanical and trim parts for the Lotus, but most parts are interchangeable with standard Cortina’s.

Honeybourne Mouldings Ltd,


Warwick Tel 01789 762071

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Glassfibre panels are not my cup of tea, but if your wallet dictates otherwise these will have the panel for you.

Mk1 Cortina Spares Unlimited,


Loughborough. Tel:01509 264550

 Dale does not yet have a Website

Specialist in Old Ford parts, also parts sourced from contacts Worldwide.

Newford Parts Center,


Chorley,Lancs. Tel 01254 830343

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Steel panels and mechanical items stocked.

Aldridge Trimming,


Wolverhampton. Tel 01902 427474

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Trim supplied for all round your Cortina.

East Kent Vintage Trim,


Kent. Tel 01304 611681

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Specialists in Windscreen,door and boot rubbers, and all round trim

Classic Ford,


Mail. Tel 01344 304064

New and used parts for all classic Fords. Also a buyer of breaking Fords.


Ex-Pressed Panels, Keighley


Yorks. Tel 01535 632721,

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Manufacturers of steel panels, as close to original as possible.



Tel: 01642 473223

No Website yet

specialising in second hand parts for classic Fords

Goldendays Motor Service,


Norfolk Tel 01603 881155

A constantly changing variety of mechanical stock.

C.O.H. Baines


Kent Tel 01892 524177

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Front windscreen rubbers direct from the manufacturer.